June 6, 2017

A puffy down jacket? Check.

A dress?  Check.

Dress: UNIQLO HEATTECH Lounge dress

Coat: UNIQLO wool blend wool coat 

Shoes: SENSO Umar V boots

Bag: STATUS ANXIETY Plunder bag

A warm puffer jacket is something that I don’t leave the house with nowadays and an absolute essential, but Uniqlo’s HEATTECH range is now an equal essential during Melbourne’s Winter. Basically being a thermal to keep your body warm, it’s a more stylish version of other equivalents and in a much thinner fabric too.  The black  is so versatile and comes in every kind of other basic essential you can imagine; dress, t-shirt, singlet, leggings, you name it. Made to be worn under or by itself, it’s ideal for people prone to the cold (like me).
Wearing this dress to brunch, I didn’t even need a jacket in the cold morning. Definitely a must have in colder seasons/climates!

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