June 4, 2017

Music Goes a Long Way

Featuring the Yamaha Plus Mini (WX010)

Music is one of the most important things in my life; it fills up the empty spaces in the day with  soothing, melancholy sounds of the perfect combination of rhythms and harmonies. 

Playing classical music in the background calms a stressed mind.

A familiar ballad may soothe those times when we feel under the weather.

And an upbeat pop song can make us feel excited and energetic before a night out.

Regardless of what genre of music attunes to our personal liking, there’s no doubt that music is something that is important to every day lives and has the ability to change how we feel.

YAMAHA: WX-010 Plus Mini Speaker

Having a speaker to connect the songs on my phone has always been something that I’ve had in my bedroom for those days when headphones just won’t suffice. Partnering up with Yamaha, I’ve styled an interior must have: the WX-010 Plus Mini wireless speaker. In an age where technology is more advanced than we could have ever imagined, the compact Yamaha Plus Mini speaker connects to your phone sans cord, via bluetooth making it all more convenient to dance, sing, relax or whatever, anywhere in the house.

Playing music when I get ready is my favourite time to use these speakers as it really influences my mood and also inspires my outfit selections. In such a minimal and discreet design, it fits seamlessly into the interiors of my room and I really forget where the sound comes from.