Monday, 20 March 2017


A subtle statement down there

Let's be honest, flares aren't the easiest piece of clothing to wear and something that has personally taken me a long time to understand how to wear 'properly'. When flared trousers first started being a big thing back when Ellery released it's iconic capsule flare capsule, I remember trying it out after seeing it all over the magazines. As soon as I bought my first pair online on a late night whim, I immediately regretted the decision but still tried very hard to make it work because well, money is money and why waste $10 on return shipping when there was the possibility of a very cool and oh so chic outfit?

WEARING: Flared Pants + Off the Shoulder top from LULUS | GUCCI Dionysus clutch | SENSO loafers | MANGO earrings


Probably due to the fact that my first pair of flared pants was made out of an unforgiving stretch denim, I jumped to the conclusion that flares could only be pulled off by tall, leggy models. Hanging it up at the back of my wardrobe, those pants only made an appearance on a rare occasion underneath too-short dresses or a long shirt where the upper region of the pants was completely hidden. Pants under dresses, fashun? Totally. Practical for everyday? Not really.


A year or two later, and somewhat more informed about outfit choices and the whole concept of dressing to enhance your body or whatever, I came across this pair from Lulus and hoped that the higher front hemline and minimal stretch fabric would work and HOORAH, here we have a new wardrobe staple. An abundance of black trousers is an accurate description of my wardrobe but hey, you can never have too many black trousers or anything.

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