Sunday, 26 February 2017


The puffier the better
I'm currently obsessed with this gold disk necklace by Matthew Ely. With a subtle initial engraving, it's the one necklace I keep on all day long.

The puffier the better.. NOT referring to my face the morning after one too many bowls of ramen and exceeding my daily recommended sodium intake by three-folds or whatnot. Sleeves are where it's at this season and as much as a thick knit can give, the puffier the sleeves the better.
WEARING: UNIQLO U Collection Milano jumper + Milano ribbed skirt  | MATTHEW ELY necklace - Innocence Collection| CELINE sunglasses | EGO boots 

Puffy sleeves, bell sleeves, trumpet sleeves, flared sleeves you name it. Anything oversized and out of the ordinary shaped has me won over, but when it comes to eating and trying to be practical or getting a job done efficiently as possible, oversized sleeves aren't the best option to go with. With the remains of my acai bowl on my sleeves and a spilt coffee one too many times (I just get too excited when my food arrives at brunch, and thinking about keeping my obnoxious sleeves is the last thing on my mind), puffy sleeved knitwear is the answer to all my questions.

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