Monday, 30 January 2017


Welcoming in the lunar new year with a bang (from more firecrackers than your eardrums would like), festivities for the year of the rooster is in full swing; with lanterns adorning the streets of Chinatown, shopping malls and local grocers, you start to feel in the spirit of things regardless of whether you celebrate the lunar new year or not.

 With one too many plates of noodles and dumplings eaten on the eve of Chinese new year, those who celebrate the festival can understand when I say that a deep sleep is the only thing that is needed after feasting. 

As someone who has celebrated Chinese New Year my whole life, I've been lucky to be on the receiving end of red pocket money that had my friends envious of me whenever it hit late Jan/Feb each year. However, over the years, I've come to terms that as much as one would like, you can't stay a kid forever and it's time to start giving back instead of just receiving (and eagerly writing a to-buy list). Partnering up with Sunglass Hut this year, I've chosen one of my current favourites styles (and hands down my most frequently worn pair) to show how gifting can go beyond red pocket money. 

Red isn't a colour that I would usually wear, not even on my lips, but following tradition, Chinese superstitions and mum's requests to wear something red or gold to bring in luck for the year, I went with a bright red lip (which I'm actually really loving) a red silk tie, and gold accents in hopes that it would suffice (the red hearts on my sneakers also count right?..)

May fortune and good luck be yours this lunar new year!

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