Sunday, 8 January 2017


HELLO 2017! 

With the absence of glitter, sparkles and balloons, my first post of the year is an outfit in fool proof black on black. The latter of December and the first week of January was definitely filled with more food, drinks and lazing around than usual and getting back into the swing of things is much harder than one would like. It being Summer here in Australia, black is often too hot of a colour to wear during those super hot days (and by super hot, I mean super hot. Read: on the brink of 40 degrees celcius), but after eating one too many bowls of roast potatoes over the holiday season (have you TRIED Jamie Oliver's roast potatoes? No? Well you must), and enjoying the half price Magnums on sale much too often, an all black ensemble feels like a safety blanket that I'll happily wear, enduring the sweat that follows by mid- afternoon.

WEARING: MAGALI PASCAL Raja top | NOBODY Prairie denim skirt | SAINT LAURENT blogger bag

With the gold accents from the cami and the recently acquired Saint Laurent 'blogger' bag  (Ironic, no? A round of applause to the marketing department for that name) that I acquired over Christmas/my birthday I've shifted (somewhat) away from my penchant towards silvers over the last few months/ year (though if you've seen my Instagram lately, you'll see that I was finally able to get my hands on the Gucci marmont belt in brushed silver.) Whilst some may argue and with reasonable views too, that gold is dressier than silver and is usually reserved for night/evening occasions, the shift towards gold and the whole 'luxe' look as we've seen all over pinterest, instagram blogs etc. has been accepting gold and black as a daytime look much smoother.   

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