Thursday, 19 January 2017


Earlier this week I came back from a spontaneous trip to Sydney, and the humid climate (when compared to Melbourne) was a forgotten surprise that left me feeling stickier and sweatier than I have been in a long time. First thing I did when unpacking was forget about the long sleeve 'light' knits and long pants that I packed for the trip under everything else in my suitcase as much to my dismay, trying to go for  an aura of sophistication with two or three layers was really NOT the most realistic or comfortable option in 36 degree heat. Instead, using the single denim skirt that I brought along as the base of my outfits, the days that followed consisted of a variation of black and white T-shirts, this black denim skirt by Nobody and a trusty belt such as my current obsession, this Gucci belt.   

WEARING: NOBODY Denim Skirt | GUCCI GG belt | YSL blogger bag | SAMPLE brand t-shirt

A denim skirt isn't anything new in terms of wardrobe staple pieces, (I'm pretty sure everyone has some form of denim skirt in their wardrobe), but I think the versatility of it really is overlooked. With so many different cuts, colours, washes and details a denim skirt is FAR from boring- there's a reason why it's redone year after year. Basically the black jeans of Summer.

Below are a few of my favourite staple denim skirts right now 


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