Sunday, 29 November 2015


Nique knit cardi | Rayban RB3447 sunglasses | Larsson & Jennings watch

Ever since the release of Dior's collection of statement patent boots and Acne's amazing metallic heeled Ora Palm, a  cool boot has been on my wish list and this Senso pair fulfils all my shoe dreams (+ they're an everyday height, which is an added bonus!). Being Summer, I've styled them with a short wrap around dress and a lightweight maxi cardigan, which is an essential in my wardrobe. 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


If you want to create the illusion of looking tanner, wearing a colour similar to your skin tone is a good way to fool people into thinking that you've recently been on a tropical holiday. It's my current favourite colour to wear (pale blue comes second) and the sleeveless trench + culotte combo will last all through Summer and even the cooler months.

Saturday, 7 November 2015


I wore a variation of this outfit a week or so ago when I was lucky enough to meet the amazing Lara Worthington at the Westfield 'Today I Am' event and had to do a post on the outfit (it's a personal fav).

I absolutely love a wide legged pant (culottes holla at me), but this wide sleeved shirt is something new in my wardrobe and I'm obsessed with it! Although drinking coffee and doing practical tasks gets a bit tricky/ messy, it's so much fun to wear and worth the coffee spills 

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