Thursday, 21 May 2015


WEARING: BONBONS Dazzler boots |  BASSIKE Tee, 
ASOS skirt | ASOS hat | MY BAG SHOP tote | DANIEL WELLINGTON Sheffield watch

A month or so ago, I spent a couple of hours shooting with Bonbons for their new Winter collection. In total there were 5 or 6 outfits involved, but this is definitely one of my favourite looks. There's nothing like a pair of black heeled boots to match a classic white tee and skirt - the textured panel on the back keeps things interesting too and makes a statement without being  in your face.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

A Floor Length Cardi

WEARING: MOSSMAN Cardigan | ASOS Jeans (similar here and here) | PUMA Basket trainers 

A black cardigan is a staple in my wardrobe and is something that you'll see me wear at least three/four times a week (which probably explains why there's so much pilling on them). This knit by Mossman is long at the front, but the back is unexpectedly short, which is great to keep things a bit different. It might not seem it, but this cardi is extremely thick, which will keep you plenty warm.

I'm leaving for Europe in a week's time so I decided to cut my hair (a bit too short), because I thought it'd be easier to dry. However, I've realised that short hair requires much, much more maintenance than long hair and is probably why I've been rocking a bun for the past week or so (with the exception of this post). Hats will be my best friend until it grows out a bit. At the end of the day, hair is just hair so there's no need to get too upset over it.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Monochromatic Tartan

WEARING: SARAH JANE KNAPP midi skirt | RUE STIIC blouse | SPURR heels, 
PROENZA SCHOULER bag | ROC sunglasses 

Tartan aka plaid/checkered prints are usually in a bold red colour, but this black and white version hand made by Sydney based designer, Sarah Jane Knapp makes it much more wearable and is the perfect statement print to have. It's a skirt that's office friendly, but also great for nights out- simply throw on a leather jacket or a bold lip and you're good to go!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Sporty Vibes

THE FIFTH WATCHES timepiece | UNIQLO Knit | NIKE Flyknit Roshe

Today I came to the realisation that my shoe collection now consists primarily of sneakers rather than heels, which is strange because not that long ago I remember sitting in the middle of my room, astounded, staring at my shoes thinking "why do I have so many impractical shoes that I only ever wear one or two times". Somehow, the tables have turned and it's the other way around now and let's just say that I'm much, much more comfortable after long days on my feet. It's also convenient that I have less places which call for heels- I can get away with wearing dressy flats or boots most of the time.

Going along with whole sneaker vibe, I decided to post a sporty outfit, because I can't remember the last time I did (have I ever?). It was also the perfect opportunity to bring out these half mesh half scuba track pants along with my Nike Flyknits before they become dirty (which usually doesn't take long when I start to wear them..)

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Off the Shoulder + White Denim

WEARING: PINK STITCH knit | DRICOPER boyfriend jeans | BOOHOO loafers,
In Autumn/Winter months, you see a lot of dark colours being worn and although it does makes sense to dress how the weather makes us feel, wearing the opposite is always refreshing.
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