Sunday, 23 August 2015


Nothing says classic than a white shirt and a pair of black trousers. It's completely up to you how you style it- heels for a dressier look, sneakers for a casual look, a tailored shirt for more corporate style and so on. Finding a staple white shirt is sometimes just as tricky as finding the perfect pair of skinny jeans; you've got to try a dozen different styles until you find one that you like. For me, I like shirts that aren't fitted, but not oversized either, which is why I opted for a men's shirt.
THE FIFTH WATCHES timepiece | CELINE Audrey Sunglasses from Vision Direct

Lately I've been loving the bucket bag shape as it is perfect if you're someone who likes to carry around a lot of things. Being equal parts functional and fashionable, it's no wonder why it's been such a popular shape. This bag by Australian designer, Janna Jones is constructed out of thick leather, making it perfect to just throw everything in.

Ever since Christine Centenera, Kimmy K and the likes were spotted in the Celine Shadow sunglasses I, along with masses of other girls (I know because having used to work at a sunglass store, the most frequently asked for brand were, you guessed it Celine) have been lusting over a pair of Celine sunglasses. As cool as the Shadows are (if you haven't heard of them you've probably seen them around-see here) I decided to choose the Audrey, which is a pretty classic oversized pair.

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