Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A White Denim Jacket

Wearing: Third Form denim jacket, ASOS cropped trousers (similar here & here), 

With the return of the Autumn breeze, wearing a T-shirt alone as a top isn't always a substantial means of attire, though neither is that thick woollen coat that lies at the back of your wardrobe only getting one or two wears (if lucky!) a year. Something like a denim jacket is thick enough to keep you warm for the 20 something degree March weather, but it's not too thick that you'll end up spending more time holding it than wearing. I've always thrown on a denim jacket when I'm feeling more casual, the jacket usually in different shades of blue, but this white one by Third Form is great if you love the comfort that a denim jacket gives, but want something a little more dressy. The oversized look of this jacket makes more of a statement and is much (in my opinion) more versatile.

If you might've noticed, I decided to change things around this month with these photos; Numero uno, I switched my original 24-105mm lens to a 50mm, which I'm finding to be a LOT better and easier to shoot (I'm really not sure why I never switched them around) and second, I decided to add a little greenery in the background, which is kinda nice since my outfits never really have colour anyway.


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