Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Oversized Cardigan

Wearing: Tobi Verona cardigan (similar), May the Label December top, ASOS cropped trousersJolie & Deen ring & knot bangle

An oversized, thick cardigan is my go to outerwear when I need the warmth, but want to feel uber comfortable and presentable at the same time, and let me tell you now, oversized cardigans and I go way back. Back in the day when I went thrifting/ op shopping on a regular basis, I'd come across racks full of cardigans every time; they were unavoidable, like bread in a supermarket, you kind of just expect it to be there. Whilst a large proportion of cardigans in op shops were the short type, ones you would typically find to have a matching a knee length office skirt or a ruffled white blouse, you would see a lot of thick, oversized knitted cardigans too, which were the ones I typically liked to buy, and were what my mum used to call the 'granny cardi'.

A few years later and mothball-scent free, oversized cardigans are still a staple in my wardrobe; they're somewhat like a bathrobe (sans fluffy white towel material), in the sense that they allow unlimited movement and come in endless lengths and colours, a perfect alternative to a leather jacket or a structured coat. Here, I've paired a pair of heels with this Tobi cardigan, so the outfit looks less "I'm just lounging around home today" and more "I'm smart because I can lift my arms up comfortably, yet I'm not wearing sweats or sleepwear". 

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