Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Does wearing a bomber jacket mean it's sports luxe?

A question for thought: how many items of clothing do you need to classify an outfit as a particular trend/style? Does wearing this bomber jacket allow the outfit to be categorised as 'Sports Luxe'?
I mean, if you changed the sandals to a pair of runners and the jeans to a pair of track pants of some sort it'd probably be accurate. If I wore a leather jacket instead of a bomber jacket would it be considered Normcore? (that's another story)

 Week 12 of the semester means I won't have to wake up to 5 different alarms placed 'randomly' around my room in order to make it to my 10am tutorial for another few months, but it also means that exams are just around the corner. With all the freedom that comes with university, I'm not as stressed as I should be about exams, which is starting to be a problem as I keep putting off much, MUCH needed study. So, in my attempt to not fail my subjects, I'm going to swap watching youtube videos with missed lectures and writing blog posts with writing notes. I'll see you in a couple weeks!

Sunday, 18 May 2014


Topshop Jeans, Another Store shirt, Gorman clogs, Comme Des Garçon star pouch, Cardigan from Japan , Larsson & Jennings watch, Karen Walker The Number One sunglasses

Some sunshine, alas! Just as everyone thought we were heading towards an ice age, the sun decided to come out and make our lives slightly less gloomy, at least that's how I feel after a week of rain and arctic temperatures. (This means I can also justify wearing sunglasses wooo)

Trying to think of a post title, I remembered that Maple trees are one of my favourite things about Autumn and although there's not one in sight here, I love going around the streets and admiring the vibrancy of the red and yellow leaves and the roads that have been veiled by the foliage. And when the leaves start to fall, the footpaths are that somewhat more interesting, making the occasional run/walk more exciting.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Lace Skirts + Turtleneck

Wearing: H&M Turtleneck jumper, Ladakh lace skirt (from the Brave Fauna collection coming soon), Tony Bianco 'Brave' boots, Proenza Schouler PS11 Classic bag, Karen Walker 'Number One' sunglasses

Turtlenecks and lace skirts are among my favourite clothing items at the moment. I'm not sure what to call the length as it's not a mini, nor is it a midi as the skirt hits my knees, but I guess if you were shorter it might suffice as a midi. Even though I'm a big scarf person (they're so functional- you can use them as a blanket as well as a makeshift shelter when you're cold/ when it's raining and you've left your umbrella at home), but turtlenecks give me the warmth around my neck that a scarf does and also saves me from lugging around a larger bag for when it gets too hot for scarves indoors.

PS:  I got a new camera lens, let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

New beauty products: May

Heading into the colder months, I'm changing up my beauty regime in correlation to changing up my wardrobe (and appetite..hot porridges and soups mmm). I'm not sure about you, but my skin tends to become drier and blotchier from all the indoor heating and harsh winds, so I try stick to hydrating, natural/organic formulas to help prevent any flaky skin and nasty breakouts. Besides, it's good to spice up your beauty routine once in a while, and what better way to swap it up with a change of season?

Sunday, 4 May 2014

A Very Cold Situation

Zara striped long sleeve, American Apparel Easy Jean , H&M cardigan, New Balance 574, Larsson & Jennings watch

As I was getting ready for breakfast this morning next to the markets (which we didn't end up going to since it was raining, cold and miserable) I thought I'd be pretty warm wearing three layers as well as a scarf and a beanie, but boy was I wrong. I'm pretty sure it was under 10°C, but at least I was indoors for most of the morning. These New Balance 574's are a new addition to my (very small) sneaker collection and when I was making the purchase I thought I was being exciting by not choosing them in black, but really I don't think grey is that far off black.

Writing this from the warmth of my bed and a cup of almond milk hot chocolate there's only one thing going through my head; If Autumn is this cold, I'm not sure what I'm going to do when Winter comes around. 
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