Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Fitted Boyfriend Jeans & Clear Frames

WEARING: Dricoper Nash boyfriend jeans |  Zara loose T-shirt, Moto jacket
 Proenza Schouler PS11 bag | Adidas Adilette slides | Oscar Wylee Blair glasses

I live in my baggy, ripped boyfriend jeans, and I wear them whenever I can (which isn't often now with the crazy christmas hours, working in retail), but sometimes bagginess and open knees don't quite fit the work dress code and you end up repelling customers and getting looks of disapproval from the older crowd. These boyfriend jeans by Dricoper are slightly fitted- kind of a mix between skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans on both ends of the spectrum, which is work friendly and somewhat slimming too.

Along with all the other people who have bad eyesight (my poor eyesight surprisingly isn't hereditary, rather it's an outcome of staring at computer screens/ mobile phones for prolonged periods of time), I have to go through the whole routine of putting contacts in before I go out, otherwise I'll be squinting at menu boards and taking longer to order when I'm getting Starbucks or the like. Sure, glasses are great, and I'm not one of those people who live in contacts, but the multiple pairs of glasses that I do own just seem to disappear whenever I need to wear them. 
Last week, I received these clear frames from Oscar Wylee and I've been wearing them every day. Everyone really needs a pair of clear glasses in their collection.  

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