Monday, 20 October 2014

Transeasonal Outerwear

WEARINGL Boyfriend duster coat c/o Boohoo | NIKE Custom ID Roshe Runs
 COUNTRY ROAD jeans | T by ALEXANDER WANG classic pocket tank

Duster coats come in a variety of different lengths and this one by Boohoo is short enough to be the perfect transeasonal piece, which is essential if you live in climates such as Melbourne, where it'll be 26 degrees (celcius) and sunny around midday and 14 degrees at night. Wearing a tank top without bringing along a jacket or coat is just not that smart of an idea. Though I do forget myself sometimes, and end up freezing and take everything to warm myself (wrapping my hair around my neck to be a scarf included). Also don't forget to '#wherewestand' on your social media platforms to be involved in Boohoo's latest campaign!

Ever since I saw a pair of all white custom Nike IDs circulating around on Tumblr, I've been wanting to create my own. It probably wouldn't have be that unique, since it would be in black or white (I don't think floral or plaid sneakers would really work in my favour), but since Australia didn't offer the option of custom Nikes, I've had to resort to searching eBay for a pair and after months of searching.. SUCESS! I was lucky enough to find a pair in my size and shipping was around $30, but cost per wear right? 

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