Thursday, 16 October 2014

How to Find Your Personal Style

Long cardigan, Zara loafers (similar), DIY crop top (similar), Boohoo culotte shorts (similar), Karen Walker sunglasses

The big question, what is personal style? Your personal style isn't something that you can develop overnight, nor is it simply copying someone else's style, rather as time grows, you'll discover what colours you enjoy wearing the most, what silhouettes suit you, which trends work for you and which don't, and most importantly, what clothes make you feel the most confident in. As a starting point, having style pages like Tumblr and Pinterest are great for collecting images of looks that you like and they can act as guide towards your own outfits.

If you saw me one or two years ago, my style was quite different to what I consider my personal style to be now. White, black and greys were definitely worn more than bold colours, but I was more drawn to unique prints, textures and cool designs (think Romance Was Born, Shakuhachi and Alice Mccall). 
Personal style is one of those things that change with experiences and age; the older you get, the more mature you will become (well we can at least hope that's the case) and as a result, what you choose to wear will evolve. and that's OKAY. Change is good

Collaborating with so many brands, each with their own different aesthetic, I often wear clothes that I wouldn't necessarily wear on a day to day basis and sometimes, I feel I lose sight of what my personal style is.. which is why I'm going to aim to do a personal style post once a month! In these posts I'll try to wear items that I wear more than once or twice and things that you could typically see me wearing walking down the street or around campus (though most of the time you'll se me wearing a loose all black outfit + a pair of Nikes, because 12 hours in boots can not compete with the comfort of sneakers).

At the end of the day, your personal style is personal, it's unique to you and should be recognisable by others. Where's the fun in being a copy of someone else? 


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