Saturday, 6 September 2014

Spring Knits

Bonds Summer knit, Boohoo slider sandal, Larsson & Jennings 'Lader' watch, Karen Walker Number One sunglasses, Shashi Sonia Bracelet

Asides from the few rainy days, Spring has been pretty good so far (thank goodness). This morning I went out for lunch with my parents and the sun was out, the streets were filled with people and everyone looked genuinely happy; I guess good feelings really are infectious.  I decided to wear a lightweight knit with a pair of sheer trousers that I bought when I was on holidays a year or two ago and it has a stripe along the side, which contrasts nicely against all the whiteness.

If you haven't noticed from the Instagram photos of bloggers and celebrities, September is the month of New York fashion week as well as Melbourne's very own Spring fashion week and since I'm not going to NYFW (a girl can dream), I'll have to experience it vicariously. If I were going, this outfit is close to something that I would wear. 

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