Thursday, 25 September 2014

Every Week is Fashion Week

With MB fashion week around the corner, River Island Australia has created the #EVERYWEEKISFASHIONWEEK challenge. Since I won't be flying up to Sydney this year, I've created two outfits of some outfits that I would wear.

Something more dressy

The first outfit I'd wear would include a leather skirt of some sort; it's a piece of clothing that goes with anything, literally, and if you're stuck on what to wear, you can plan your outfit around the skirt and the chances are, are that you'll look like you have a clue as to what you're doing. Asides from the warmth factor, I'd also probably wear a grey oversized coat to contrast against all the blackness of the outfit and the wool looks good against leather. If you can't walk long distances in heels (like me), heeled boots are always a good option and there are so many different styles and heel heights, you're bound to find a pair that you can walk in.


Something more casual:

 This outfit is more of a casual look, but I've paired it with a pair of statement heels to make it more appropriate for fashion week and less like something you'd wear to uni or on Sundays lounging around at home. If you don't like wearing a lot of bling, a hat is an accessory I always tend to gravitate towards, especially when you feel like you're underdressed (it also does a brilliant job at concealing 3rd day hair). The rule of thumb that I go by is that the larger the brim of the hat, the more polished you'll look overall.


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