Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Boohoo slider sandals, Karen Walker sunglasses

The last time I remember wearing something resembling Culottes was during my music performances throughout high school (orchestra, band, ensembles, you know the sort). Of course back then, I simply referred to them as 'dress pants' to avoid the possibility of flashing whilst sitting up on stage, because they still had the formality of skirts without actually having to wear a skirt, and also the practicality of jeans minus the informality of wearing jeans.We called them 'dress pants' because I'm sure if I had texted my friends saying I was going to wear Culottes to the concert, I would've received confused responses of "Culottes, what?" or "Is that a type of shoe.. or?".

When the weather becomes warmer-which it has yet to do, unless you consider daily maximums of 13 degrees to be a warm change, these will be my go to bottoms. They're perfect for those days when you want to wear shorts, but don't feel like showing all that leg action that normal shorts show.

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