Monday, 7 July 2014

Innovative textures

Top: Vintage (similar)

OK let's be honest, I'm on semester break, which means 5 weeks of doing nothing and unless you're going overseas or going on a road trip, there's not much to do. Once you've finished watching movies, having brunch, shopping, sleeping and spending hours aimlessly surfing the web it gets pretty boring. Scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed becomes depressing too because whilst I'm freezing in Melbourne's miserable weather, my friends are in the northern hemisphere soaking up the Mediterranean sun. But next year, I'll be proactive and organise a trip somewhere exciting too instead of sulking at home!

When I first wore this vest my friend asked "Are hair extensions attached to your vest?" and I totally don't blame her for thinking that as I thought the same thing. It's great to see such innovation in material department and it's fun to stroke it you know?.. I'm not sure about you, but when the temperature drops I become pretty lazy, and adding a new pair of boyfriend jeans to my wardrobe means I can stop wearing trackies out all the time. I'm yet to find the perfect pair yet, but these will do for now.


photography: Sarah Constable


  1. Gurrrrl, you look so fly! And those jeans have a really nice colour, but i'm yet to find my perfect pair too :P

  2. I absolutely love this look and the combination of the different textures! Your blog is amazing and I just started following! Hope you follow back and to keep in touch!



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