Sunday, 8 June 2014

Winter Inspiration

Camille Over the Rainbow, The Haute Pursuit, Mija Creators of Desire, Fashion Toast, Tumblr

The days are shorter, the temperature is lower, the sun is out less, but Winter ain't all that bad.
Winter means dark colours, long coats, fur, hats, thick knits (especially turtlenecks), boots, leather everything and best of all prickly legs.. Hahah who am I kidding, I love Winter.


  1. Love this post !
    Very beautiful inspirations :)

  2. Beautiful post! Those where very good inspiration pictures! Loved it!

    Would you like to check out my blog?

  3. This is such a great post! Loving so many of these pics!


  4. This is great - I am on the hunt for a nice Grey Jacket/coat and You've hit the nail on the head with these looks. Melbourne is soon to dive into a cold frosty grey city for a few months (And I love it!)

  5. Thank you! My wardrobe is definitely ready for the cold weather!


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