Friday, 27 June 2014

Muted Coloured Coat

Pants: Sportsgirl 
Boots: Zara (similar)
Bag: Proenza Schoulder Classic PS11

 I don't wear much colour, especially when it comes to outerwear as I find neutral colours much more versatile, and when you're spending a lot of money (usually which coats are), you'd want to be able to wear it as much as possible right?

Contradictory to what I just said, after spending hours in front of my computer bookmarking different options, as well as spending a whole day in the city, searching different stores for a grey coat, I found this 'mushroom' coloured one (or so the tag says). It's a muted colour and makes the outfit that little bit more feminine, which you sometimes need when you've got too much leather or black in one outfit. The vest/turtleneck lookalike attached inside the coat also has been perfect for Melbourne's weather so far, which has been way too cold, not to mention windy for my liking. So, right now the warmer my clothes are, the better.



  1. Cool coat!



  2. I love this! Ahhh so nice. another store is just the best. xxx


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