Monday, 2 June 2014

June 1st

Wearing: Zara coat, Topshop jeans, Zara T-shirt, Indy C 'Ari' Heels, H&M hat, Larsson & Jennings watch

The first day of Winter started off gloomy and depressing; by 4:30pm, it was already dark outside and I felt like crawling into bed. 
This Zara coat and these heels by Australian label Indy C are two items that I've been loving lately: the coat has an oversized silhouette that gives you warmth, without the stiffness of usual wool coats and the shoes? Well open toe is 'in' right now right? (think Zara mules). Oh and this wide brimmed fedora, if I could wear it indoors without blocking the view of others in lectures and whatnot I'd wear it everyday, but since I don't want to be the person that everyone gives greasys to, I'll stick to playing the hat game of 'put on', 'take off', 'hold awkwardly'. 


  1. wow ! great combo !

  2. Just found your blog through Instagram and it's perfect! And so is this outfit.
    xx Coreyiel


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