Sunday, 22 June 2014

Beauty products (+ a bottle of water)

With so many new products in the market, those claiming to be of 'new age technology' and those that contain weird ingredients such as slug slime, I prefer to stick to products that are more natural as I find that's the best way about it, especially when it comes to your face.

This month, I've been loving the La Mav Organic BB Cream. It goes on really smoothly with a medium coverage, which I'm so ever grateful for because I like to wear it on those days where you want to look presentable, but there's no need to put on a full face of makeup since you're not doing anything or seeing anyone special.

The moisturiser I've been using everyday is the Hydra Repair Day Cream by Grown Alchemist. It's hydrating without being greasy and the packaging gets 5 stars from me. Glass bottles over plastic bottles any day (that's why I had to include the glass bottle of water; it just looks so pretty).  I can't complain about the smell either (think Camellias & Geranium Blossoms).

Before using this Toni & Guy Prep leave in conditioner, the last time I remember using one was when I was 12 (I don't understand why I even needed it back then). My hair tends to frizz a bit, especially when I blow dry it so this leave in conditioner has saved me from looking like someone had just rubbed a balloon on my head or looking like I had just walked out of a physics class that was learning about static electricity (oh the memories..).

My last beauty favourite of the month is the Vanilla & Watermelon Lip Balm by Grown Alchemist. Remember those Lip Smackers that girls and teenagers used to wear (or collect/hoard in my case) back in the day? The sugary sweetness and the stickiness was what drew us in and that's the same for me with this lip balm by Grown. However, it has the sweetness without the stickiness and your lips will become super hydrated and soft.


  1. I love the Antipodes water, I have some billy button flowers in mine :)

  2. The Grown Alchemist packaging gets me every time ;) looks like I'll also need that lip balm now


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