Sunday, 18 May 2014


Topshop Jeans, Another Store shirt, Gorman clogs, Comme Des Garçon star pouch, Cardigan from Japan , Larsson & Jennings watch, Karen Walker The Number One sunglasses

Some sunshine, alas! Just as everyone thought we were heading towards an ice age, the sun decided to come out and make our lives slightly less gloomy, at least that's how I feel after a week of rain and arctic temperatures. (This means I can also justify wearing sunglasses wooo)

Trying to think of a post title, I remembered that Maple trees are one of my favourite things about Autumn and although there's not one in sight here, I love going around the streets and admiring the vibrancy of the red and yellow leaves and the roads that have been veiled by the foliage. And when the leaves start to fall, the footpaths are that somewhat more interesting, making the occasional run/walk more exciting.


  1. Absolutely love your shirt and sunglasses! Enjoy the sun xx

  2. you look so pretty, dear!! and I really like your top xo

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ | I`m on Bloglovin!

  3. Nice look !
    I love the shoes !

  4. OBSESSED WITH THE SHIRT. so so cool! Love it all xx

    1. Thanks girl! I was so desperate for the Alexander Wang version, but it was sold out everywhere and then someone told me about this one on Tumblr and I went and got it the same day hahah xx

  5. Love this shirt so much, great Alexander Wang dupe!
    - Grace


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