Sunday, 4 May 2014

A Very Cold Situation

Zara striped long sleeve, American Apparel Easy Jean , H&M cardigan, New Balance 574, Larsson & Jennings watch

As I was getting ready for breakfast this morning next to the markets (which we didn't end up going to since it was raining, cold and miserable) I thought I'd be pretty warm wearing three layers as well as a scarf and a beanie, but boy was I wrong. I'm pretty sure it was under 10°C, but at least I was indoors for most of the morning. These New Balance 574's are a new addition to my (very small) sneaker collection and when I was making the purchase I thought I was being exciting by not choosing them in black, but really I don't think grey is that far off black.

Writing this from the warmth of my bed and a cup of almond milk hot chocolate there's only one thing going through my head; If Autumn is this cold, I'm not sure what I'm going to do when Winter comes around. 


  1. Love you blog... and this outfit too!

    How cold can it get in Australia?

    Ana Lu from Things&Crowns

    1. It usually doesn't get colder than 0°C, but this year I feel Winter might reach the negatives xx

  2. Amazing outfit - I love the trainers, I'm still working up the courage to start incorporating them in my wardrobe!

    Love, Greta


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