Thursday, 13 March 2014

Skincare Routine

I've recently been asked to write for a new online magazine called 'Official Spirit Mag' and this month I'm covering the beauty section so here is what I use to keep my skin squeaky clean. 

It doesn't matter if you use products with organic ingredients or even the newest formulas, if you neglect some steps of taking care for your skin the money you're spending on those products might be going down the drain. 

Tip #1: Before you buy a product make sure you know what skin type you are (dry/oily/combination/sensitive) and always test it on a sensitive part of your body such as the inside of your wrist or crook of your elbow before buying. It's not worth saving time and waking up with burning rashes and swollen eyes (I've learnt the hard way). 
Tip #2: Don't let the price of an item make your decisions; if it's expensive it doesn't necessarily mean it'll work magic on you and if it's cheap it doesn't always mean it is bad. Try samples of different formulas until you find something that works for you, after all everyone reacts differently to ingredients.
Tip #3: Use products accordingly. You don't have to use the same thing everyday, it's OK to switch it up sometimes.

Makeup experts say that "A good skin cleansing and moisturising regime is the beginning of all great make-up". Makeup-removing and cleansing are the essential because if your makeup isn't fully cleaned off, all sorts of bacteria can form and be trapped under the next layer of makeup you put on. Although makeup wipes are convenient, many of them dry and irritate the skin (especially a problem for those with sensitive skin), a result of the chemicals used to preserve and prolong the shelf-life. When it comes to liquid makeup removers, there are oil based makeup removers, good for removing waterproof makeup and normal makeup removers for normal wear makeup. 

My favourite two makeup removers is the Cleanse Off oil by Mac, which I use to remove stubborn eye makeup and the holy Bioderma Crealine H20 makeup remover for everything else. Occasionally I use a mixture of water and olive oil if I feel like using something nourishing and natural.

Not everyone uses a toner, but they're not too expensive and using one can be of benefit to you. Toners help return your ph levels back to normal, 'balancing' the skin and preparing it for the moisturisers after as well as cleaning off any makeup residues that may be left. Witch hazel is among the many toners that I like to use (rose water is also high on my list) because it's natural and helps reduce redness from my face without irritating my face with any more chemicals. 

Many people are confused about the difference between serums and moisturisers and I don't blame you! In short, a serum contains more nutrients than moisturisers and reach more layers of your skin, helping target more specific problems. I use Lancome Genefique to hydrate my skin and upon waking, my skin is much softer and smoother than it would be otherwise. 

Moisturising your skin is a step that everyone should do, without it it's like washing your hair with Shampoo, but not Conditioner. Moisturisers provide your skin with hydration and help prevent dry flaky skin (the thicker it is, the more hydrating it usually is), but picking one is tough with all the different formulas out in the market. Moisturisers containing SPF are usually designed for day time whereas 'super hydrating' moisturisers are commonly used before going to bed. Regardless, don't be fooled by what the cream claims to do, rather try it out for yourself and see what works for you. 


  1. I love the bioderma makeup remover- definitely a necessity in my beauty regime!

    xx Alisha

    1. I'll be restocking for sure! worth the $$

  2. I need to get on more natural products.
    Cool post


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