Saturday, 23 November 2013

Layers x3

Welcome to Melbourne, where although the weather forecast may predict the temperature for the day to be 25 degrees sunny,  it may suddenly start raining after a burst of sunshine and you'll be left freezing in your shorts that you decided to wear. We're in the last week of November with Summer just around the corner, but beach days are far far  away in the distance. Or at least a week of good weather with no drastic changes are.
wearing: H&;M cami, vintage flannel, Tony Bianco boots, Topshop jacket, Cheap Monday jeans
After numerous colds and horrible experiences,  I've learnt to wear (or bring) multiple layers when I go out. 
Layer 1. Something cool (temperature wise)
Layer 2. Something thin (like a shirt: helps in shopping centres too, where the air-con is always on full blast)
Layer 3. Something substantial (like a leather jacket, especially during cooler months)
Of course, if you know it's going to be hot because you start sweating as soon as you leave the house ditch the outer layer.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Lace Up Heels & Long Skirts

Although Halloween was a couple of weeks ago, this outfit could have been the base for many costumes, whether you added some fake blood or a witch hat, the black drapeyness of it sets up your outfit up nicely. Of course, this is completely irrelevant now given that it's now the second week of November (Where did October go?). In that case, I guess you can just treat this as your regular outfit post, besides, Halloween is more of an American thing anyway.
Tying a top around your waist really breaks up an outfit which otherwise might be considered frumpy or too plain (is there such thing?). It also provides a contrast, preventing your eyes from being drowned in a sea of black and is especially helpful when it's too hot to be wearing that jacket you decided to wear out, but you didn't choose to bring a big enough bag to put it in either.

wearing: Kookai knit skirt, American Apparel long sleeve crop top, Free People mesh long sleeve (tied around waist), Windsor Smith 'Gillie' sandalsAcne Oxide clutchAsos Rings

I know I said in my last outfit post that I'd be MIA for a while, due to exams and all, but that has obviously not been the case; all this time at home, it's only so long before you get tired of sitting in the same chair (it doesn't help when it's not padded either).

I guess I should go back to the study.
PS: Excuse my mid-sneeze face. I could be in deep thought, but probably not.


Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Ultimate Wishlist

Summer is just around the corner as is my birthday and as expected, friends have been constantly nagging me trying to work out what I want as a present. I can only reply with "your love and affection" so many times until they say "No seriously." Then, I'm stuck with the awkward position of arguing "No really, I don't want anything!" because asking them to get you something sounds a little demanding doesn't it? Then, when they give you your present, although you accept it with utter gratitude, you can't help think to yourself. "I sort of wish I told them what I wanted" No? Or is it just me?
So here it is friends, my ultimate wish list. Well at least currently anyway. 

Friday, 1 November 2013

Delectable + Delicous Date Balls

Brilliant Bite-sized Blissful
Excuse the overuse of alliteration but it's the only way to express my love for these date balls.
These are one of my favourite snacks and I make at least a batch a week.
Why? Because it's super easy to make (you don't really need to measure anything), and it tastes so good you'll forget that's it's healthy (Vegan, Gluten Free, Paleo, Raw, you name it).

 You can use basically whatever you have in your kitchen; If you don't have walnuts, replace them with an equivalent amount of any nut or seed that you do have (almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts you name it. It just tastes a bit better when you follow the recipe). Sometimes when I feel like indulging in more of the balls, I'll halve the nuts with wholegrain oats/ flaxseed meal/ almondmeal to reduce the calorie levels. I may even add in a little piece of banana if I'm running low on dates.

If you get a bit  bored of the flavours (as I sometimes do) add some dried fruits such as dried apple (which goes great with cinnamon). For all you Cherry Ripe lovers, try adding some extra cacao (the more you put the choclatier it tastes) as well as some dried cherries and desiccated coconut to make a healthier version it.

If you're into healthy food follow my healthy food instagram @healthyfoodandexercise 
Read more for recipes for the lemon + coconut and goji + cacao flavoured date balls

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