Friday, 6 September 2013


WearingAmerican Apparel cropped long sleeve top, Kookai knitted maxi skirt, Cotton On felt hat,  Windsor Smith boots, Romwe bag

Bidding farewell to the miserable month called Winter, we welcome the sweet days of hayfever stricken eyes, tranquillising sunshine and generally happier people. Spring is a time when nature resumes its loveliness, we can shed the dullness imposed by the gloomy days of Winter and revive our radiance.

Making most of the little free time I had, I decided to take advantage of the momentary sunshine; knowing Melbourne we'll be back in thermals tomorrow.  Contrary to the pastel palettes and feminine lace embroidery associated with Spring, I opted for an all black outfit with a touch of grey on top, somehow in mourn of Winter (and also because all that I can seem to find in my wardrobe right now are dark colours). The transition is slow and gradual, but I'll get there in the end.

Fingers crossed this weather lasts longer than a couple of days




  1. you look so lovely in this outfit! i think the idea of contrasting spring with an all-black witchy outfit is so cool!

    1. Thanks lovely! Pastel colours are overrated xx

  2. i love that outfit!! x


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