Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Thailand: Part 1 Phuket

I'm sitting on the balcony of the Cape Sienna in Phuket as we speak waiting for the 5 course meal I just ate to be digested so I can sleep without feeling completely weighed down by food. I'm not really sure why I'm on holiday in the middle of year 12 (even if it is during the holidays), especially when I have folios and SACs due within a couple of weeks of going back to school, but I guess everyone needs to relax. So far these couple of days in Thailand have been beyond spectacular; from the foods (my stomach is getting bigger as the days progress, but the food is so good and cheap...), culture to the landscapes (think tropical), expectations have far been exceeded. I hope these photos from my iPhone will suffice . 
Unless you have really good self control (of which I don't) buffets are my worst enemy. Don't let this photo deceive you, at first I was trying to keep healthy, but after a few days, the frozen yoghurts, French toasts, pancakes, nut butters, stir fry noodles, thai coconut rice, omelettes made with whatever you want (literally), walnut cakes, and croissants in 5 different flavours (I always just thought there was just the plain croissant and the chocolate croissant, but who knew you could have mixed berry and apple) start wanting love and affection too. The trips to the food bar become more frequent and the face becomes chubbier. My excuse? It's a holiday and it's only for a couple of weeks. 
More photos..
When coconuts are cheaper than a bottle of water, the logical thing to do would be to choose the coconut.
Pad thai and a coconut, lime and pineapple smoothie. My camera is filled with photos of food, I think I have about 15 photos where I'm actually in it. Refraining myself from uploading them all so I look like I have a life other than eating. 

Keep posted! 


  1. hehe this made me laugh so much! from what I can see you're having the time of you life, I'm jealous of you right now, I need to escape this winter weather! xx

    1. Heheh I'm glad you enjoyed it! Cold weather=boots and black clothes woo!

  2. great photos! would you like to follow each other in gfc and bloglovin? let me know!

  3. wow must be a nice vacation right?!

    BTW Thanks for your comment!


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