Friday, 26 April 2013


White sandals (bought last year), White trousers Saba.

 If you've been some-what aware of what bloggers have been wearing to the various fashion shows that have taken place over the few months or if you've been stalking them via Instagram, you'll probably realise that solid whites are currently more 'in' than all black. How fashion trends develop has always intrigued me; does one designer spontaneously decide to take the plunge into the untouched waters of fashion possibilities and then once with the nod of approval of A.Wintour do the other designers start following? Or is there one massive meeting where designers discuss what to sell for the upcoming seasons. Regardless, white is better than the obnoxious neon colours and noisy graphic prints, as it somehow 'detoxifies' our wardrobe and allows us to cleanse and maintain a relatively calm state. Not to mention whites are so much more versatile than those floral prints we once loved dearly. Amongst all the colour blocking and militarising we've done in the past couple of years, this would probably be my favourite trend (You may or may not see some outfits featuring my new zara skort). Bring it on monochrome, move over patterns!

In other news, I've finally decided to make use of my new Canon 5D. I haven't really gotten around how to use it properly just yet, but I'm getting there gradually. 


  1. ahhhhhh love your shoes Kristy! very Marques Almeida ;)

  2. i need the urgent need to follow you as well! I really enjoy the simplicity and chic of your style (:


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