Friday, 19 September 2014

Maxi Skirts

Klarra mesh jumper, Klarra skirt, Sol Sana 'Tally' sandal, Karl Lagerfeld watch

I'm not one to wear a lot of short skirts when I got out as I'll constantly be readjusting my skirt all night, so this maxi skirt makes me feel feminine and the slit at the back keeps things interesting as well as enabling me to walk without looking like a penguin. 


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Dricoper Denim

Dricoper ripped jeans, Country Road  Alek oxford, ASOS cami (similar), 
Staple the Label shirt, Larsson & Jennings watch

Dricoper (pronounced Dry-Cope-Ris an Australian brand with over 20 years experience in the denim industry; their brand is youthful and playful, abiding by the slogan 'Top notch denim for guys and girls'. The team at Dricoper produce a range of clean cut wardrobe essentials in strong, premium fabrics and their jeans have a vintage feel (minus the whole having someone actually wearing the jeans out before you).

Let's be honest, jeans are one of the hardest articles of clothing to buy; there may be thousands of different colours/washes/cuts/fits in the market that you can choose from, but each pair fits your body differently, so when I stumble across a pair that fits comfortably (that doesn't contain more than 50% elastane) I tend to cling on on to it and wear it over and over again.

 Everyone needs a pair of well fitting jeans, so until the end of September, you can spoil yourself with 15% off Dricoper's entire denim collection with the code 'KRISTYW'

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Stripe Series: Trousers

For as long as I remember, I don't think I've worn/owned a pair of striped trousers because I remember seeing in a magazine somewhere that vertical stripes were unflattering and that you should steer clear unless you have Alexa Chung's legs or if you're dressing up as Beetlejuice for halloween. For me, I've found that stripes worn on the bottom are wearable as long as they're loose fitted otherwise the stripes may distort with your body (which isn't all that flattering) and also if they're more of a pinstripe pattern. 


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Spring Knits

Bonds Summer knit, Boohoo slider sandal, Larsson & Jennings 'Lader' watch, Karen Walker Number One sunglasses, Shashi Sonia Bracelet

Asides from the few rainy days, Spring has been pretty good so far (thank goodness). This morning I went out for lunch with my parents and the sun was out, the streets were filled with people and everyone looked genuinely happy; I guess good feelings really are infectious.  I decided to wear a lightweight knit with a pair of sheer trousers that I bought when I was on holidays a year or two ago and it has a stripe along the side, which contrasts nicely against all the whiteness.

If you haven't noticed from the Instagram photos of bloggers and celebrities, September is the month of New York fashion week as well as Melbourne's very own Spring fashion week and since I'm not going to NYFW (a girl can dream), I'll have to experience it vicariously. If I were going, this outfit is close to something that I would wear. 

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Monday, 1 September 2014

Stripe Series: Outerwear

Looking through my last few posts, I realised I had unintentionally worn stripes in each post so I thought I may as well make a 'Stripe Series'  where I'll choose to wear one striped item for each post (trousers, outerwear, top, shorts etc.) and this post, the stripes are on an outerwear piece. Patterned outerwear pieces in general may seem a bit hard to style, but the key is to keep everything else a block colour to avoid too much clashing (though sometimes it's good to break the farshun rules).

Today is the first day of Spring here in Australia and after too many months of wearing a multitude of layers I'm glad to be able to wear some more lightweight fabrics. Since Melbourne has a tendency to have sudden cool changes, it's not quite sleeveless weather yet so this anorak is the perfect option.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Stripe Series: Shorts

Before this whole culotte/boy-short trend, I recall the only shorts that I wore in the warmer months were my denim cutoffs in various washes and cuts and.. well that was about it, which meant full leg exposure most of the time. These culottes/shorts (call them whichever you like) by Toi et Moi are super comfortable, yet your legs still get to breathe and see some much needed sun after coming out of Winter hibernation. This tank also has this awesome angular bottom edge, but I decided to tuck it in to give a little shape to my body since I'm wear such a flowy coat. 
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