Monday, 20 March 2017


A subtle statement down there

Let's be honest, flares aren't the easiest piece of clothing to wear and something that has personally taken me a long time to understand how to wear 'properly'. When flared trousers first started being a big thing back when Ellery released it's iconic capsule flare capsule, I remember trying it out after seeing it all over the magazines. As soon as I bought my first pair online on a late night whim, I immediately regretted the decision but still tried very hard to make it work because well, money is money and why waste $10 on return shipping when there was the possibility of a very cool and oh so chic outfit?

WEARING: Flared Pants + Off the Shoulder top from LULUS | GUCCI Dionysus clutch | SENSO loafers | MANGO earrings


Probably due to the fact that my first pair of flared pants was made out of an unforgiving stretch denim, I jumped to the conclusion that flares could only be pulled off by tall, leggy models. Hanging it up at the back of my wardrobe, those pants only made an appearance on a rare occasion underneath too-short dresses or a long shirt where the upper region of the pants was completely hidden. Pants under dresses, fashun? Totally. Practical for everyday? Not really.


A year or two later, and somewhat more informed about outfit choices and the whole concept of dressing to enhance your body or whatever, I came across this pair from Lulus and hoped that the higher front hemline and minimal stretch fabric would work and HOORAH, here we have a new wardrobe staple. An abundance of black trousers is an accurate description of my wardrobe but hey, you can never have too many black trousers or anything.

Friday, 17 March 2017


In the week of VAMFF..
Straight out of something worthy of a music video, stepping inside the Westfield Doncaster Mirror Mirror activation at the VAMFF Plaza was a massive "WOAH" and "oh this is so. damn. cool," With a chance to win a $1000 gift card to shop at the centre, there has never been a better reason to snap a pic am I right? Of course, this amazing image wouldn't have been possible without the amazing photographer on site. (Trust me, my phone pics don't come close to this).

Working with Westfield Doncaster for VAMFF I chose an outfit for RUNWAY 6 in head to toe Búl
WEARING: Búl Prozent jacket Obst pant | Du top from Westfield Doncaster | GUCCI Dionysus clutch | BILLINI boots | CLUSE watch 
One of my favourite Melbourne designers, Búl is currently occupying the inHabit space, which highlights the label's recent collaboration with photographer Kate Ballis. From photography to fashion, art is transformed into ready to wear pieces and is without a doubt a special piece to have in your wardrobe (not to mention perfect to rock to the shows this week). 

To end VAMFF, Búl designer Virigina Martin will also be at the inHabit store this Sunday 19th for the Fashion Weekend on from the 18th-19th.  After a week of runways full of the latest trends of the season, it's easier knowing that all the styles seen are available to shop right away. 
Thanks to Westfield Doncaster for helping out with one of my outfits for the week!

And a finishing note.. here was my look for the MYER Runway.
If you can't tell, navy is currently one of my favourite colours to wear (red is also up there, but more on that in another post) and I loved this outfit so much I had to include it in this post.
WEARING: ASILIO Over the Line dress (Available March) | SOL SANA boots | GUCCI Marmont bag 
Until next year VAMFF 

Monday, 13 March 2017


Almost colour, but not quite.. 
And here we are, another month into 2017 and another opportunity to say "oh how time flies" (but really though). This month I had a bit of fun styling an outfit from Uniqlo's most recent collaboration with British born designer Hana Tajima. Drawing inspiration from her British and Japanese roots,  the collection is all things effortlessly elegant, in flowy silhouettes crafted in utterly functional yet comfortable fabrics in an array of colours. 

WEARING: UNIQLO x Hana Tajima wrap blouse (worn open) and wide leg trousers | GUCCI Marmont bag | RAYBAN sunglasses | MATTHEW ELY necklace

With a focus on bringing cultural sensitivity and the artistic element of contemporary fashion design together, there's really something for everyone, regardless of style preference in this collection. Better left said for someone with deeper insight into the subject of cultural norms, this is a good step forward embracing the importance of inclusivity and better accessibility and variety on a consumer level. 

(AND.. In all honesty, I was actually a bit hesitant in styling the blouse as an open jacket but at the end of the day, it really goes to show that fashion is beyond what's black and white- there's really no right or wrong in what you do.)

Sunday, 26 February 2017


The puffier the better

The puffier the better.. NOT referring to my face the morning after one too many bowls of ramen and exceeding my daily recommended sodium intake by three-folds or whatnot. Sleeves are where it's at this season and as much as a thick knit can give, the puffier the sleeves the better.
WEARING: UNIQLO U Collection Milano jumper + Milano ribbed skirt  | MATTHEW ELY necklace - Innocence Collection| CELINE sunglasses | EGO boots 

Puffy sleeves, bell sleeves, trumpet sleeves, flared sleeves you name it. Anything oversized and out of the ordinary shaped has me won over, but when it comes to eating and trying to be practical or getting a job done efficiently as possible, oversized sleeves aren't the best option to go with. With the remains of my acai bowl on my sleeves and a spilt coffee one too many times (I just get too excited when my food arrives at brunch, and thinking about keeping my obnoxious sleeves is the last thing on my mind), puffy sleeved knitwear is the answer to all my questions.

Friday, 24 February 2017


* We're all but a sky full of stars * 

Hearts, four leaf clovers, circles, waves, triangles, figure 8s or stars, everyone has a special symbol close to heart with weightier significance than other counterparts. 

It's that little doodle that appeared on the top of countless notepads growing up and in the corner margins of school days. A sense of nostalgia and something that will always draw you back.  
 For me, a star symbolises endless opportunities, unprecedented moments that makes life so very special, infinity, the belief of fate and predetermination by something bigger than we can see. 

And in those times tougher than usual, a star acts as a reminder that without darkness, stars cannot shine bright. 

WEARING: LACK OF COLOR Sunnydip hat  | SILK LAUNDRY slip dress | SENSO sneakers

All else aside, never did I say no to a good star print.
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