Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sporty Vibes

The Fifth watch,  Uniqlo Knit, Nike Flyknit Roshe

Today I came to the realisation that my shoe collection now consists primarily of sneakers rather than heels, which is strange because not that long ago I remember sitting in the middle of my room, astounded, staring at my shoes thinking "why do I have so many impractical shoes that I only ever wear one or two times". Somehow, the tables have turned and it's the other way around now and let's just say that I'm much, much more comfortable after long days on my feet. It's also convenient that I have less places which call for heels- I can get away with wearing dressy flats or boots most of the time.

Going along with whole sneaker vibe, I decided to post a sporty outfit, because I can't remember the last time I did (have I ever?). It was also the perfect opportunity to bring out these half mesh half scuba track pants along with my Nike Flyknits before they become dirty (which usually doesn't take long when I start to wear them..)

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

MBFWA 2015 Day 1

Yesterday I attended the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney for the first time and went to the Tome and Bec and Bridge shows (see my cover on the shows here) in the morning before I flew back to Melbourne. Of all the fashion events that I've been to, MBFWA is definitely one of the more intimidating events (photographers everywhere, famous models, bloggers and designers casually walking around. I tried hard to keep my cool).  That being said, it was an exciting (but exhausting) day and you get to meet some pretty cool people in the industry along the way.
Wearing: Imonni knit, Zimmermann heels (old), Alexander Wang 'Rockie' bag

The second outfit that I wore features these beautiful culottes by Inder Dhillon.
Talk about amazing.
[ Photography by Stephane Spatafora ]

Saturday, 11 April 2015

All Black

The ubiquitous studded Rocco bag; Alexander Wang's most iconic piece as well as one of the most popular 'it' bags of the last five or so years has been on my radar for some time now and I had previously told myself that I wouldn't get it because too many people owned it, but when the smaller version was released a few years later in an array of colours INCLUDING a matte black, I reevaluated my opinion on it which basically led to me finally getting it last week at the Green With Envy Easter sale (20% off is better than nothing right?).. And how glad that I did get it!
 It's the perfect size- no pockets, no need to be super cautious and just one main compartment, which means that I can throw everything inside + the smaller size is much lighter than the original size, which is a big factor when it comes to bags. Having a predominantly all black/white wardrobe, the matte black exterior is much easier to match than say a bag with silver/gold detailing because there's no clashing of metals making it the perfect everyday bag. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Classic Boyfriend Jeans & A Shirt

Wearing: Nobody Beau Jean, MLM Open back shirt (both from Just a Local Store),
 Rayban sunglasses, Proenza Schouler bag, Zara heels, Daniel Wellington watch

With VAMFF (Melbourne Fashion Week) over for the year, I've put away my more unique pieces and opted for a more classic, yet casual look with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a black shirt. When it comes to boyfriend jeans, you either have a pair that's too big and ends up being unflattering (although, I don't doubt that it's comfortable) or being too tight and looking more like a pair of too-big skinny jeans. This pair by Nobody Denim is my favourite pair right now and in the perfect shade of light blue, which is quite refreshing to see in my mainly monochromatic wardrobe. 
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