Monday, 27 October 2014

Tailoring x Missguided

Acne clutch, Jolie & Deen knot ring, Daniel Wellington watch, Elle Louise rimless sunglasses

Missguided is one of my go to online shops for going out clothes because they have awesome designs, yet they're super affordable, so you won't feel guilty after you neglect that outfit that you wore once to a night out with the girls. 

For this post, I've teamed up with them to show you my take on a tailored look. Tailoring doesn't have to mean tight fitted shirts and pin stripe blazers, rather (according to Google) it's an outfit that is well made and fits well. Here, I'm wearing a  pair of high waisted trousers (+ a stretchy waist which is always a bonus), a crop top with more of a square neck, which not only keeps what J Law refers to as the 'Armpit Vagina' at bay, but it's typically found on more corporate dresses so it looks that little bit more conservative + a pair of heels to pull it together.

For those of us who are currently in the midst of Swotvac- aka revision week, good luck with exams and may the nerd in us dominate the procrastinators in us. I can't wait for the 2 month Summer holidays that await; see you on the other side! 


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Wardrobe Favourites- StyleBk

Classic, Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield watch, Zara shoes

This week, the lovely Emily from the Stylebk has chosen to feature me on her website and I've worn all my favourite pieces from my wardrobe in one post.

If there's anything better than wearing monochrome, is the way an outfit looks when you opt for a one colour look. Wearing white on white exudes an aura of crispness and put togetherness- I'm sure even a pair of white jeans worn with a simple white T-shirt would have a similar overall effect.

This Christopher Esber skirt is the perfect length and the details at the front make it that little bit more interesting so it's not just your average mojo midi skirt. After work a few weeks ago, I slipped into Zara since all the other stores were closed and I wondered in without really wanting to buy anything and I stumbled across these black slingback shoes. I looked at them for ages, holding in my hand, trying them on, you know the drill and the sales assistant told me that they would probably sell out by the weekend so I bought them straight away (wanting something then it sells out is the worst). That's good sales strategy right there.



Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Stripes Tees Under $35

Stripes are a staple pattern in any wardrobe and that's why I've selected my favourite striped pieces, all under $35, because saving money in one place just means more money to spend on other clothes!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Transeasonal Outerwear

Boyfriend duster coat c/o Boohoo, Cusom Nike Roshe Runs, Country Road 5 pocket jean, T by Alexander Wang classic pocket tank, Acne clutch, Daniel Wellington watch

Duster coats come in a variety of different lengths and this one by Boohoo is short enough to be the perfect transeasonal piece, which is essential if you live in climates such as Melbourne, where it'll be 26 degrees (celcius) and sunny around midday and 14 degrees at night. Wearing a tank top without bringing along a jacket or coat is just not that smart of an idea. Though I do forget myself sometimes, and end up freezing and take everything to warm myself (wrapping my hair around my neck to be a scarf included). Also don't forget to '#wherewestand' on your social media platforms to be involved in Boohoo's latest campaign!

Ever since I saw a pair of all white custom Nike IDs circulating around on Tumblr, I've been wanting to create my own. It probably wouldn't have be that unique, since it would be in black or white (I don't think floral or plaid sneakers would really work in my favour), but since Australia didn't offer the option of custom Nikes, I've had to resort to searching eBay for a pair and after months of searching.. SUCESS! I was lucky enough to find a pair in my size and shipping was around $30, but cost per wear right? 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Alexander Wang x HM

SO, ever since the reveal that Alexander Wang was the next designer to collaborate with H&M, I've been persistently searching online for sneak peaks of what the collection will be like. With the live show being shown last night in New York, social media platforms have been going off, and after thoroughly stalking through the #AlexanderWangxHM hashtag for a good two hours, here are my favourite images. I've made a list of all the things that I want need (those sunnies with the awesome thick strap around the back of the head included)so you can definitely expect to see me lining up for when it hits the Melbourne H&M store (maybe I'll even do a camp out) because that's probably better than missing out..
(Photo credit: Stylescrapbook, H&M, Camille over the rainbow, Elle & Athens Streetstyle) 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

How to Find Your Personal Style

Long cardigan, Zara loafers (similar), DIY crop top (similar), Boohoo culotte shorts (similar), Karen Walker sunglasses

The big question, what is personal style? Your personal style isn't something that you can develop overnight, nor is it simply copying someone else's style, rather as time grows, you'll discover what colours you enjoy wearing the most, what silhouettes suit you, which trends work for you and which don't, and most importantly, what clothes make you feel the most confident in. As a starting point, having style pages like Tumblr and Pinterest are great for collecting images of looks that you like and they can act as guide towards your own outfits.

If you saw me one or two years ago, my style was quite different to what I consider my personal style to be now. White, black and greys were definitely worn more than bold colours, but I was more drawn to unique prints, textures and cool designs (think Romance Was Born, Shakuhachi and Alice Mccall). 
Personal style is one of those things that change with experiences and age; the older you get, the more mature you will become (well we can at least hope that's the case) and as a result, what you choose to wear will evolve. and that's OKAY. Change is good

Collaborating with so many brands, each with their own different aesthetic, I often wear clothes that I wouldn't necessarily wear on a day to day basis and sometimes, I feel I lose sight of what my personal style is.. which is why I'm going to aim to do a personal style post once a month! In these posts I'll try to wear items that I wear more than once or twice and things that you could typically see me wearing walking down the street or around campus (though most of the time you'll se me wearing a loose all black outfit + a pair of Nikes, because 12 hours in boots can not compete with the comfort of sneakers).

At the end of the day, your personal style is personal, it's unique to you and should be recognisable by others. Where's the fun in being a copy of someone else? 


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Topshop grid kimono,  Calvin Klein crop, ASOS Wallet, Marques Almeida X Topshop denim top,  Rayban aviators, Nars makeup remover,  ASOS Backpack, Adidas slides

Here's a compilation of things that I've bought recently and a few things that are on my wish list, (namely that denim top from the recently released Marques Almeida X Topshop collection *swoon*)
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